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As I was surfing YouTube, I heard Hope Has a Place by Enya. Hearing that song helped me decide to start living again after losing my wife to Covid19. In my role as a singer and recording artist, I decided that if I could personalize and record a song to honor my wife, I could do the same for anyone who has lost a loved one. That is why I joined RAMUCA. J.D.

Ramuca Performer Customer

I came to RAMUCA to find an artist to record a Country song in memory of my wife, and the artist not only recorded the song as I requested, but also incorporated her voice, her own words, and my praises and last words in the song in memory of her. The song is on my commute to work every day, all my family members own a copy of the CD, and The next generation of Mansfields will hear and feel her presence through this song for all time to come.

Andrew. V, Dallas, Texas


I hired a Ramuca puppeteer for my son Ray’s 7th birthday. It was livestreamed and our entire family watched it on our large screen TV. It was a blast. Ray couldn’t figure out why the man on TV knew everything about him. He had a ton of fun. It was the best. Jane B. Los Angeles, California.

We just celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary. It was a live streamed from a Ramuca comedian. Like I had it planned in advance with the Vicky the comedian, she completely roasted my wife. My wife laughed so hard she was in stitches. Vicky was super! Christopher V. Denver, Colorado.

We got cot married a month ago. We hired a Ramuca Band who streamed live music for us. It was like having a live band performed. Everybody had fun the lead singer Mike, was funny too. Ramuca is great and affordable. Jenny H, Birmingham, Alabama.

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  • In Memoriam? Immortalized the memory of a loved one through music
  • Marriage Ceremony? Hire a Ramuca Artist for Live Streaming Performance
  • Birthday Ceremony? Hire a Ramuca Artist for Live Streaming Performance
  • Christmas Party? Hire a Ramuca Artist for Live Streaming Performance
  • Anniversary Celebration? A Hire Ramuca Artist for Live Streaming Performance
  • Having a Party? Hire a Ramuca Artist for Live Streaming Performance

Why Ramuca?

For a parent wanting to give his young child a great Happy Birthday fun party, having a clown or puppeteer come and perform live is too costly for most families. There are, however, a lot of talented local and out-of-state clowns and puppeteers who could engage with a birthday kid, and this kid's parents and give the kid a memorable birthday for as little as $30.00 depending on the artist's charging rate. This is a win-win for both the kid and the artist. The artist gets to keep motivated, hone his/her skills, and gets paid for what he/she loves doing.

The same applies to those who hire Ramuca Artist for their wedding, corporate events, birthday celebrations, Christmas parties, anniversary celebrations, or just to have a party. For customers seeking to honor or remember a person, our past and present are filled with those we have shared lives with, are sharing lives with, and with those who have passed on who we value and wish to honor and remember for a lifetime, a Ramuca artist composes and records a song in honor of this person. A CD with the livestreamed music can be gifted to family and friends as a gift from the person who requested the honor.


Be a part of a global preserver of human and community memories.

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Feel free to contact us if you're looking for an artist to write your memories into a song, or if you're an artist wanting to collaborate with RAMUCA.