Join the RAMUCA team

A Reason to Join Ramuca

1 Exposure

Giving your music an exposure so that others who identify with your music can join you to build a team enhances your chances of becoming successful, especially if you are an unknown, new to music, or just struggling as an artist. Furthermore, you will be exposing your image and music to family members who can help sing your praises and become your biggest cheerleaders.

2 Staying motivated

By performing live for families, you hone your skills and stay motivated to strive and achieve the success and goals you set for yourself. In spite of the hopelessness that afflicts struggling artists, having opportunities to perform live for individual families every now and then and getting paid for it keeps the motivation on track for a bigger paycheck.

3 Compensation

Ramuca members set the price they will charge for two tracks of memory songs. In order to get more families to request your performances, your prices must be reasonable. You will also find that there are other artists competing for the same family audience. Ramuca compensation is straightforward. We take 50% of what you are paid per memory. For example, if you charge $250.00 and receive $250.00. You will keep $125 and we will keep $125. A portion of our service covers the creation of the CD and CD cover as well as distribution to memory requesters.

4 Promoting your music

Ideally, you want to have people actually take the time to listen to your music when you perform it for the world to hear. The process of promoting your music can be tedious and discouraging at times. However, you are creating fans of your music by performing for families.

Who are the people requesting memory music from ramuca?

  • Who are the people seeking memory music recording from ramuca artists? They living spouses of husbands or wife who has passed, married couples, people in love, people rembering a family member who has past, Owners of pets who has passes away, and people who wants to dedicate a special music to a special occasion.
  • Why are these people requesting memory music from ramuca artists?
  • Want their children, grandkids, and other family member to remember, wants the world to remember, want their friends to remember.
  • What does a memory music do for the requester? It develops a Closer with families and loved ones, Happy Memories Help the Declutter. A past loved ones image is always beautiful- Memory music makes us see that person all the time. When we remember the happiness we received from those we love who are with us or has past, we feel happiness and count our blessings.