The Mission of Ramuca®

RAMUCA’s MISSION is to provide affordable entertainment for everyone so that struggling artists and anyone with talents can earn a living doing what they love.

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The Vision of Ramuca

Our vision is that when people engage a Ramuca Artist, the product that is delivered to them by the Artist brings gratitude from their hearts and makes them feel and practice gratitude. Through music, the source of gratitude is now a living memory. By recognizing the source of the gratitude, they acknowledge the person, place, or thing who made the gratitude possible. They demonstrated their identity by giving thanks to those who have made an impact on their lives. In gratitude they are saying, “…She brought me joy, he made me happy, she married me, they saw me, appreciated me, cared about me, lifted me up, impacted my life, made a difference in my present, shaped my future for the better – and perhaps even loved me more than could be expected of a human being.”